Departmental Contact Information
Mailing Address*: University of Washington
Department of Mathematics
Box 354350
Seattle, WA 98195-4350

*(For UPS/Fed-Ex shipments, replace "Box 354350" with "C-138 Padelford.")
Departmental Office: C-138 Padelford
Phone: (206) 543-1150
Fax: (206) 543-0397

Ron Irving <chair[_a_t_]>
Associate Chair:
Tatiana Toro <toro[_a_t_]>
Mike Munz <munz[_a_t_]>
Assistant to the Chair:
Rose Choi <rosechoi[_a_t_]>
Fiscal Specialist:
Susan Malti <malti[_a_t_]>
Steve Pearson <skpear[_a_t_]>
Office Assistant:
Chris Bonneu <chrisb49[_a_t_]>
Student Services Office: C-36 Padelford
Phone: (206) 543-6830
Fax: (206) 616-6974
Director of Student Services:
Brooke Miller <miller[_a_t_]>
Academic Counselors:
Danyel Hacker <danyel[_a_t_]>
Katharine Swigart-Harris <kash[_a_t_]>
Office Assistant:
Garrett Yoshitomi <ggy2[_a_t_]>
Degree Programs:
Undergraduate Program Director:
Dave Collingwood <colling[_a_t_]>
Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences Program Director:
Tom Duchamp <duchamp[_a_t_]>
Graduate Program Director:
John Palmieri <mathgpc[_a_t_]>
Graduate Admissions Director:
Dan Pollack <grads[_a_t_]>

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