Staff Directory

Name E-mail/Web page Phone/Office
Bacis, Lisa bacis[_a_t_] 543-7296
Library Technician Lead Photo PDL C-306
Bartelmann, Anya mathlib[_a_t_] 543-7296
Head Librarian Web page, Photo PDL C-306
Boytz, Alice boytza[_a_t_] 543-6830
Program Assistant, Student Services PDL C-36
Choi, Rose rosechoi[_a_t_] 543-1151
Assistant to the Chair Photo PDL C-138
Garner, Sarah sterrs[_a_t_] 543-0388
Director of Student Services Photo PDL C-36
Kelley Elend, Pamela pke2[_a_t_] 543-1152
Fiscal Specialist Photo PDL C-138
Kozu, Ryan rkozu[_a_t_] 616-4448
Academic Counselor Photo PDL C-36
Loranger, Kevin kevinlor[_a_t_] 685-2752
Software Engineer Web page, Photo PDL C-30
Munz, Michael munz[_a_t_] 543-6163
Administrator Web page, Photo PDL C-138
Sheetz, Steve sbsheetz[_a_t_] 543-6303
Senior Computing Specialist Web page, Photo PDL C-32
Swigart-Harris, Katharine kash[_a_t_] 543-6830
Academic Counselor Photo PDL C-36

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