Calendar of Seminars & Colloquia

This calendar is updated on an ongoing basis. If you would like to include a talk to this calendar, please send your announcement to Rose Choi at rosechoi[at] Be sure to include a link to the seminar webpage where the abstract is posted and render any TeX where applicable.

Week of October 27 - 31

Rainwater Seminar (First Seminar)
Extensions of the F. & M. Riesz Theorem. The connected case. w/ José María Martell (Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas, Madrid)
PDL C-401, 1:30pm

Rainwater Seminar (Second seminar)
Quantitative Rectifiability and Elliptic Equations w/ Steve Hofmann (University of Missouri)
PDL C-401, 2:15pm

Number Theory Seminar
Selmer Groups and Congruences w/ Ralph Greenberg (University of Washington)
PDL C-401, 11:00am

Trends in Optimization Seminar
Optimization and Numerical Algebraic Geometry w/ Jonathan Hauenstein (University of Notre Dame)
GUG 204, 4:00pm

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Pre-Seminar
S-Arithmetic groups and Witt's Theorem w/ Andrea Heald (UW)
PDL C-36, 1:30pm

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Bounded Generation and S-arithmetic groups w/ Andrea Heald (UW)
PDL C-36, 2:30pm


Combinatorics Seminar
Dyck tilings and increasing trees w/ David Wilson (Microsoft Research)
PDL C-401, 4:00pm (Pre-Seminar at 3pm)


Grad Student Analysis Seminar
Stochastic processes: An introduction of Brownian motion w/ Clayton Barnes (University of Washington)
PDL C-401, 2:30pm


UW-PIMS Mathematics Colloquium
Which Powers Of A Holomorphic Function Are Integrable? w/ Christopher D. Hacon (The University of Utah)
SIG 225, 2:30pm

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Week of November 3- 7

Probability Seminar
A Spatial Generalization of Kingman's Coalescent w/ Dan Lanoue (University of California, Berkeley)
LOW 117, 2:30pm


Number Theory Seminar
Euler systems and the BSD conjecture I: geometry w/ Sarah Zerbes (University College London) & Euler systems and the BSD conjecture II: analysis w/ David Loeffler (University of Warwick)
PDL C-401, 10:30am

Rainwater Seminar
Convolution operators, Frostman measures, and finite point configurations w/ Krystal Taylor (IMA, Minneapolis)
PDL C-401, 1:30pm


Differential Geometry/PDE Seminar
Radially symmetric solutions to the graphic Willmore surface equation w/ Yuxiang Li (Tsinghua U/UBC)
PDL C-36, 4:00pm

Combinatorics Seminar
Flag f-vectors of completely balanced Cohen-Macaulay complexes w/ Kai Fong Ernest Chong (Cornell University)
PDL C-401, 4:00pm


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