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Career profiles are a valuable source of information for prospective mathematical sciences majors. The goal of the Early Career Profiles Network is to collect relevant and timely information about career opportunities for undergraduate mathematical sciences majors that can be broadly disseminated to high school and college students. This departmental network providing profiles of recent graduates is a straightforward and efficient way to continue the flow of timely career information needed by students, counselors, teachers, and faculty.

The American Mathematical Society has developed and administers a network of mathematical sciences departments that systematically provide job profiles of their recent bachelors-level alumni. The Early Career Profile Network is supported in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation under the auspices of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Series.

Alumni and Sector
Name Industry Sector
Christopher Adare Education
Andy Agus Finance and Insurance
Joshua Aldrich Other science and technology
Sultan Haider Ali Information Technology
Ivan Amaya Information Technology
Jessica Baumgaertel Education
Andrew Bigley Government
Laura Bodine Education
Kristen Bornemann Information Technology
Alynda Boursaw Finance and Insurance
Wyatt Brooks Education
Charliz Burks Information Technology
Timothy G. Carlson Information Technology
Peter C. Cheng Education
Hun Chun Chen Finance and Insurance
John Chen Finance and Insurance
Dmitri Chmelev Information Technolgy
Ben Crockett Education
Francisco Cruz Morales Education
Evan Curcio Education
Louis Dang Information Technology
Chris Davis Education
Hannah Director Education
David Duncan Education
Ian Elliott Finance and Insurance
Anna Edgar Information Technology
David Englund Retail trade
Ryan Ewing Information Technology
Kelsey Fitzpatrick Finance and Insurance
Megan Freeman Education
James Fullerton Information Technology
Steven Gazzillo Education
Brian Gish Information Technology
Mike Gostintsev Information Technology
Peter Greene Education
Robert Evan Griep Education
Simon Hachey Information Technology
Justin Hawthorne Other science and technology
Eliana Hechter Education
Charles Hill Information Technnology
Laura Hodgson Finance and Insurance
Sam Hopkins Education
Jennifer Hyppa Retail Trade/Education
Paul Illian Information Technology
Youngseok Jeong Other science and technology
Matt Johnson Information Technology
Michele Johnson Education
Matt Junge Education
Sean Kim Information Techology
Laura Koehn Education
Peter Lansdaal Information Technology
Rachel Lee Finance and Insurance
Andrew Lewis Information Technology
Jerry Li Education
Zelin Liu Information Technology
Tracy Lovejoy Education
Patrica McKenzie Information Technology
Braden Moore Information Technology
Santrine Moutou Education
Jonathan Mozeika Information Technology
Brian Mueller Finance and Insurance
Jason Naud Educa tion/Health Care
Lukas Ng Finance and Insurance
Nhi Nguyen Healthcare and Social Assistance
Hsu Ken Ooi Information Technology
Eric Ott Information Technology
Ian Paredes Information Technology
Karynne Patterson Healthcare and Social Assistance
Skyler Peterson Other Science and Technology
Vu Thai Pham Information Technology
Joel Pierce Education
Nathan Powel Education
Forrest Preston Finance and Insurance
Emily Price Education
Matthew Probert Information Technology
Chris Raastad Education
William Ray Finance and Insurance
Sandeap Reddy Finance and Insurance
Jennifer Rees Retail and Trade
Joshua Ritter Information Technology
Luke Roth Finance and Insurance
Steven Sadowski Information Technology
Siva Usha Mithra Sankrithi Education
Zack Scholl Education
Ivan Shiras Information Technology
Cameron Sparr Information Technology
Michael Spector Education
Sharon Stillwell Finance and Insurance
Erik Swanson Information Technology
Surekha Sydney Finance and Insurance
John Taing Arts, entertainment and recreation
Brian Thomas Finance and Insurance
Erin Tsai Education
Cindy Tsang Information Technology
Edwin Tsay Education
Shin Tran Information Technology
Hall Walker Finance and Insurance
Matthew Wilson Education
Kelvin Wong Education
Huo Yan Information Technology
Ting-You Wang Information Technology
Brett Yasutake Information Technology
Jason Yu Education
Robert Yuen Finance and Insurance
Ian Zemke Education
Solomiya Zhuk Finance and Insurance
Clare Zimmerman Information Technology

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