Frequently Asked Questions
General Math questions
   When and where can I meet with a Math Advisor?
   How can I get an entry code to add a course?
   What do I do if the course I want is already full?
   How do I get my transfer courses(s) or credits corrected or re-evaluated?
   Which Math course should I take?
   How do I take a course if I’m not a UW student?
   How do I apply for and earn a Math Minor?
   Who do I meet with concerning Math Teaching Endorsements, or applying for the MIT program here at the UW?
   How do I get a math tutor?

Majoring in Math or ACMS
   How do I apply for my major?
   How do I get on the email list for Math Majors or for ACMS majors?
   Which courses can count as electives for the Math BS options?
   How do I find a research opportunity?
   How do I find an internship?
   How do I apply for graduation?
   Can I double major in Math and ACMS?

General Math questions

When and where can I meet with a Math Advisor? (top)     Many questions can be answered quickly during drop-in hours Monday-Friday 930-1130a or 130-330p in Padelford C-36. However, if you have questions that cannot be answered quickly, please call the Math and ACMS Student Services Office at 206-543-6830 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Brief messages may be left on our message machine, but we cannot return long-distance calls.
     Note that while email is often very handy for students, a simple question may require our knowing more of your background and particular situation before we can answer an email. We strongly encourage you to call or stop by during drop-in hours for advising, but you may email us at with quick questions. Please always include your name and student number when writing email.

How can I get an entry code to add a course? (top)

If courses are full, we do not give entry codes before the quarter begins. Please read this and the next section.
   The online Time Schedule specifies that only Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may sign up for most undergraduate courses, so call 543-6830 if you are not in these groups. Graduate students, post-baccalaureates, non-matriculated students, summer students, and UW employees may be eligible, but we need to first check your prerequisites from relevant transcript(s). Entry codes can then be given out, but not until your day of eligibility.
   If the course you request says that you are not eligible or don’t meet the prerequisites, please contact us or come by our office with a copy of your transcript or AP scores. You might qualify in some other way, or we can advise you on what you need to do.

What do I do if the course I want is already full? (top)

   Instructors in the Mathematics Department do not overload classes before the quarter begins nor do they hand out entry codes. We encourage you to keep checking the online Time Schedule and plan to attend class the first week. The Time Schedule is only updated once a day, so for the most up to date information check the Enrollment Summary which is updated everytime a change is made (link located in the top right corner of the Time Schedule). Please do not contact the course instructors before classes begin about overloading, but plan to start attending from the first day. This will ensure that you don’t miss any course material if you are able to add if or when a space becomes available later. Note: no overloads can be allowed in Math 124 and 125 beyond the course limits set by the department.

How do I get my transfer courses(s) or credits corrected or re-evaluated? (top)

After your transcript goes to Admissions, it gets credited under certain guidelines for specific UW course equivalents. Often you may find Math 1XX, 2XX, or other non-specific credit. In order to get these re-evaluated by the Math Department, you will need to petition for official credit. Petition forms are available online here. You will need to provide an unofficial transcript from your previous institution, your UW unofficial transcript (available on MyUW) reflecting the transferred credit, and detailed course information for each Math course you need evaluated. Once an evaluation has been done, your transcripts can then be updated with more specific UW course numbers.

Which Math course should I take? (top)

First explore the choices at Undergraduate Program and click on Course Descriptions. Call 543-6830 if you have further questions or concerns.
   For information about taking the Math Placement Test, see Math Placement Test. Please note that only the most recent placement test score will be used to get placed into courses. Get the FAQs about the exams at  FAQS. NOTE that students cannot take Math 112 without first taking Math 111.

How do I take a course if I’m not a UW student? (top)

There are several types of non-UW students:
   SUMMER-ONLY: You do need to apply to be a summer non-matriculated student; see Summer Quarter for more details. In addition, the UW Math Dept. adviser needs to check your prerequisites before you can register. Call 206-543-6830 for advice on this issue. It is also advisable for you to show our syllabus to your home college or university’s Math Department to have a pre-evaluation of how our course will be accepted, once you transfer it back. NOTE: we are on the quarter system, so it’s wise to have your major adviser check our courses and syllabi on our web to see how they might fit in, especially with semester-system courses: Undergraduate information and click on Syllabi or Catalog Descriptions.
   New Freshmen starting in Summer Quarter: Note that the UW doesn’t receive AP scores until mid-July , so if you are starting with Math 124 or lower in Summer Quarter, plan on taking a Math Placement Test before registering. For anyone else, please call our Student Services Office.
   DURING THE REGULAR ACADEMIC YEAR: You would need to become a non-matriculated student. See Nondegree Information. The Registration Approval Form can be printed from there; please read all details. Call us at 206-543-6830 when you need instructor signatures. In C-36 Padelford, advisors sign for the department AFTER the instructor has signed. UW Extension will add you on a ‘space available’ basis (if space opens up or the class is not full) starting the first day of the quarter. You are advised to turn in your signed Registration Approval to UW Extension by the weekday before classes begin to avoid the late fee, and you should plan to attend class the first day. Note for Non-Matriculated students: For 100-level classes, we will sign the form starting the second week of the quarter. You should still plan to get the instructor's signature before coming to the advising office for the departmental signature. We can ask to have the late registration fee waived in these cases.
   UW employees (normally non-matriculated) cannot register until the third day of classes, but we recommend that you meet with an advisor (or phone one) to make sure we have your prerequisites on file. Then call for an entry code on the third morning if space is available. Plan to attend class the first day, in case you are later able to register for the class.

How do I apply for and earn a Math Minor? (top)

The Math minor consists of Math 124, 125, 126, 307, 308, 309 plus 6 credits of Math electives (301-level or higher) with a 2.0 or higher. STAT 390 is jointly offered with MATH 390, so it will count either way you sign up for it.
   Fill out a Change of Major/Minor form with your major advisor.
   The other part of earning the minor is that your Major advisor must indicate this minor on your Graduation Application, and indicate any remaining credits or courses that need to be completed. If you have questions, call (206) 543-6830.

Who do I meet with concerning Math Teaching Endorsements, or applying for the MIT program here at the UW? (top)

You need to contact Brooke Miller, miller[at] or 206-543-6830.

How do I get a math tutor? (top)

Math Tutor lists are available outside the door of C-36 PDL, or one can be mailed, faxed or emailed if necessary, or you can view it online: tutor list.
   For students enrolled in Math 111, 112, 120, 124, 125 and 126, the Math Study Center is available to help you. For information about location and hours, go to MSC. The CLUE Center also provides evening tutoring, CLUE.

Majoring in Math or ACMS

If you are trying to decide which major might be most interesting or appropriate for you, please stop in to talk with an advisor. Other resources that are helpful are the advising offices of other possible majors, and Roadmap to Choosing a Major Workshop
   For Math major degree requirements and program descriptions, go to Undergraduate Math Program and click on Degree Program and Requirements.
   For the Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) major, see  ACMS.
   We welcome those students who are planning to transfer and can answer questions in person, by phone or by brief emails. We cannot do lengthy email advising. If you are a transfer student, plan attend a session of the UW’s Transfer Thursdays. For Transfer Thursday information, see  Transfer Thursday.

How do I get on the email list for Math Major or for ACMS majors? (top)

This will bring to you the latest news of relevance to your area(s) of interest and is our form of instantaneous newsletter: internship and research opportunities, special lectures or career events, part-time and career openings, and any possible changes in our major programs or courses.
   For the math majors email list, click here: MATH MAJORS. For ACMS majors, click here: ACMS MAJORS

Which courses count as electives for the Math BS options? (top)

Pre-approved courses include Amath 383, Amath 402, Amath 403, CSE 373, CSE 374 and CSE 417. Students can petition other courses that are upper division and based on higher level mathematics. You can use up to two courses outside the math department, but both must be from the same department. To petition please send an email to with your name, student number, and a description of the course and how it fits into your program of study.

How do I apply for my major? (top)

Admission into the math major is competitive, effective Spring Quarter 2015. Students can apply to the major twice a year with applications due September 15 and January 15. The application process will be entirely online and students must apply to a specific option within the math major. All students applying for the math major must earn a 2.0 in each of Math 124, 125 and 126 and have a 2.5 GPA in all math courses taken.

The ACMS Program is a competitive program, and admissions are done twice a year, in Autumn and Spring quarters. Applications will open on the first day of Autumn and Spring quarters and will be due by the second Friday of the quarter at 5pm. Please visit the ACMS webpage for the latest requirements for applying to this program and to access the online application, ACMS Program.

How do I find a research opportunity? (top)

For the Undergraduate Research Program (URP) web site, see URP. They sponsor an annual celebration showcasing undergraduate research each May that is really amazing, where some of our students are always featured. Their office can offer resources for getting involved in research. They have a Research Exposed lecture series that offers insights into different research areas. The URP website has details.
   Interested in summer research? See the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) listings at REUs. These NSF-funded summer programs are challenging and very helpful in developing strong research skills. Topics vary by location. The REU at UW covers inverse problems.

How do I find an internship? (top)

There are several ways to explore getting an internship. Internships are very helpful in developing on-the-job skills and contacts in your favored career area, or can help you determine that you might want a different slant on the same career choice.
   The UW Career Center in 134 Mary Gates Hall is one source - UW Career Center.
   The Carlson Center in 120 Mary Gates Hall is one source - The Carlson Center.
   Math and ACMS majors have been selected for various internship experiences through the Engineering Coop Program; see details at Engineering Co-op.
   Local companies contact our advising office to ask that we send out internship notices to our majors. Sign up for our majors email list if you are interested in receiving this kind of information.
   Some students develop their own internship and apply for internship credit through GEN ST 350. See Gen St 350 for details. This does not count towards the Math or ACMS majors but does count towards graduation and can be very useful to you, now or later.

How do I apply for graduation? (top)

To apply for graduation, please schedule an appointment by calling (206)543-6830, or stop by the advising office, C-36 Padelford. If you are majoring in more than one department, you must apply for graduation with each department. It is best to apply at least one or two quarters in advance. If you are applying the same quarter you wish to graduate, the deadline is the third Friday of the quarter. For more information about deadlines and graduating senior priority, see More Info on Graduation.

Can I double major in Math and ACMS? (top)

Students wanting to double major in Math and ACMS would only be able to do so if they pursue the Bachelor of Science Comprehensive major in Mathematics along with their ACMS program. None of the other Math degree options are allowed as a double major with ACMS.


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