Discrete math and algorithms

Requirements effective Autumn Quarter 2001.
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This Option gives students a broad background in mathematics and computation with special emphasis on discrete mathematics and its application to optimization and algorithm design. It is particularly well suited for students interested in mathematical aspects of Computer Science, or who wish to pursue a double major in this direction.

ACMS Program Core (43 credits)  

Option Core (33 credits or 24 credits)

For non-CSE majors (18 credits): For CSE (double) majors (9 credits):

Option Electives -- Group I (9-14 credits)
Three of the following courses. At least two courses must be taken in the MATH department:

Option Electives -- Group II (5 credits or 14 credits)

At least 5 additional credits (14 additional credits for CSE (double) majors) from approved courses (at the 300 level or higher) in the Departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics. The courses listed above in Group I are particularly recommended.

Double majors / Double degrees:
Students who complete a double major or double degree with CS or CE will have to take additional courses in the CSE department as required for that major. These credits may be counted toward the Group II electives.