Fractal mystique: The Buddhabrot
A Buddhabrot rendering of
the Mandelbrot set
Image courtesy of Paul Bourke

MathAcrossCampus is a quarterly colloquium series at the University of Washington to showcase applications of mathematics, with a special emphasis on the growing role of discrete methods in math applications. The goal of this seminar is to expose theoreticians to applied work, to create a community of mathematicians and users of mathematics at UW, and to serve as a guide to students and researchers looking for projects and jobs in math-related areas by offering exposure to ongoing math applications in the Seattle area.

Upcoming Public Lecture in the MathAcrossCampus Series

Friday, October 23, 2015

Russ Tedrake, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Most Recent Public Lecture in the MathAcrossCampus Series

Friday, February 27, 2015, 2:30 PM Kane Hall 110, reception to follow at 3:30

Jeannette Wing (short biography) , Microsoft Research

Computational Thinking

Poster for Jeannette Wing's talk

Computational thinking is destined to be a fundamental skill taught to every child along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Computational thinking involves solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior by drawing on concepts that are fundamental to computer science. I will give examples of how computational thinking has already influenced many disciplines, from the sciences to the arts, and how it is transforming K-12 education. Computational thinking can not only inspire future generations to enter the field of computer science—it can benefit people in all fields.

Wing Video

This talk is co-sponsored by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

Organizers and contact information

The organizers of MathAcrossCampus are Rekha Thomas, Ioana Dumitriu, and Christopher Hoffman.

MathAcrossCampus is also made possible by the efforts of UW Mathematics graduate students Clayton Barnes, Gerandy Brito Montes de Oca, Christopher Fowler, Matthew Junge, Hon Leung Lee, Avi Levy, and Harishchandra Ramadas.

Please direct email to [enable JavaScript to view email address, or contact the organizers directly] if you would like us to post an announcement or add a link to your event, or if you have any other questions or comments.


MathAcrossCampus is currently supported by UW's College of Arts and Sciences and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

Additional support has been provided by: The NSF VIGRE grant at UW; the departments of Applied Mathematics and Economics; the Milliman Fund; and the NSF Research Training Group in Inverse Problems and PDEs.