Dr. Andrew D Loveless, Ph.D.
Principal Lecturer - Department of Mathematics

Email: aloveles@math.washington.edu
Office: Padelford C-339

Fall 2016 Courses: Math 111 A, B & C

Official Office Hours:
M1:30-3:00 pmPadelford C-339
W1:00-3:00 pmCommunications B-006
F1:30-2:30 pmPadelford C-339

Additional Unofficial times you can typically find me:
M 9:10-9:30 amin Anderson Forestry Room
W 9:10-9:30 amin Anderson Forestry Room
F 9:10-9:30 amin Anderson Forestry Room

If you have a question or are really struggling please talk to me as soon as possible in person or via email. I will even answer the occasional homework question via email, but I want you to try in person help first. Please, please, please come ask questions.

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