MATH 407 - Summer 2014


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Instructor: Jim Burke          E-Mail: burke(at)math(dot)washington(dot)edu
Phone: 543-6183          Office Hours: TTh 11:50-12:40pm
Office: C-443 Padelford          & by appointment
Prerequisites: Math 308          Classroom: SIG 227


  • The guide for the Final Exam: Thursday, August 21, 9:40-11:40am.

    The statement and proof of the key theorems.

    More sample final questions and solutions.

    A few more sample final questions not in any particular order, and solutions.


    Linear Algebra Review

    Weekly Overviews

    Class Lectures

    Class Notes


    Supplementary Exercises

    Definition of Terms: Sections 1--3

    Sensitivity Analysis Problems

    Using Excel

    Optimization Software

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