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UW Combinatorics Seminar -- Winter 2016 Schedule
Padelford C-401 - Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:10pm

Pre-Seminar at PDL C-401, 3:00pm-3:25pm

January 6 Zach Hamaker, University of Minnesota (webpage:
Title: Involution words - a survey
January 13 Alexander Holroyd, Microsoft Research (webpage:
Title: Finitely Dependent Coloring
January 20 Dong Ryul Kim,
Title: Tiling a lattice by translates of a finite set
January 27 Annie Raymond, University of Washington (webpage:
Title: Symmetry and Turán Sums of Squares
February 3 Isabella Novik, University of Washington (webpage:
Title: Face numbers of manifolds with boundary
February 10 Alexander Woo, University of Idaho (webpage:
Title: Hultman elements for finite reflection groups
February 17 Esther Lamken, San Francisco
Title: An existence theory for incomplete designs
February 24 Andy Wilson, University of Pennsylvania (webpage:
Title: The Delta Conjecture
March 2 Richard Sieg, University of Osnabrück (webpage:
Title: Understanding Subdivisions of Simplicial Complexes via Local $h$-Vectors
March 9 Marcelo Aguiar, Cornell University (webpage:
Title: TBA
March 16 No talk, finals week
March 23 No talk, spring break

Sara Billey, Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Department, University of Washington

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