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UW Combinatorics Seminar -- Spring Schedule
Padelford C-401 - Wednesdays 4:00pm

Pre-Seminar at 3:30pm also at C-401

April 2 Jose Alejandro Samper, University of Washington
On face number of polytopes and matroids.
April 9 Carolina Benedetti, Michigan State University (webpage: )
Posets, Pieri operators and Positivity.
April 16 Moshe Rosenfeld, University of Washington, Tacoma (webpage: )
Hamiltonian cycles in prisms over graphs.
April 23 Benjamin Young, University of Oregon (webpage: )
The Fomin-Kirillov reflection shuffle.
April 30 Matthias Beck, San Francisco State University (webpage: )
Very ample and Koszul segmental fibrations.
May 7 Karim Adiprasito, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques(IHES), France (webpage: )
Combinatorial isoperimetric problems and relative Stanley--Reisner theory.
May 14 Erik Slivken, University of Washington (webpage: )
Fixed points of pattern avoiding permutations..
May 21 James Propp, University of Massachusetts Lowell (webpage: )
Homomesy: actions and averages.
May 28 Ragnar Freij, Aalto University (webpage: )
Centrally Symmetric Polytopes and the 3^d Conjecture.
June 4 ,

Sara Billey, Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Department, University of Washington,

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