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UW Combinatorics Seminar -- Fall 2016 Schedule
Padelford C-401 - Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:10pm

Pre-Seminar at PDL C-401, 3:30pm-3:55pm

September 28 Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College (webpage:
Title: A polytopal generalization of Sperner's lemma
October 5 William McGovern, University of Washington (webpage: None)
Title : Signed involutions, signed tableaux, and an interactive RSK correspondence
October 12 Jessica Striker, North Dakota State Univeristy (webpage:
Title: Combinatorial dynamics: Resonance, rowmotion, and homomesy
October 19 Bruno Benedetti, University of Miami (webpage:
Title: Optimal discrete Morse vectors are not unique
October 25-27 Fan Chung, UCSD (webpage:
Milliman Lecture
November 2 Karola Mészáros, Cornell University (webpage:
Title: TBA
November 9 Dominic Searles, University of Southern California (webpage:
Title: The slide polynomial basis and its applications
November 16 Demaine Event, MIT (webpage:
Title: TBA
November 23 No talk: Thanksgiving Break
November 30 Brendon Rhoades, UCSD (webpage:
Title: TBA
December 7 Open, None (webpage: None)
Title: TBA

Sara Billey, Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Department, University of Washington

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