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New! The circle is taking a break for the summer; all current students are welcome to come back next year. The registration for new students wishing to join the circle will be open at this page in early September. Once the online registration opens, we admit students on a “first come, first served” basis until the circle is full.

We invite you to join our mailing list to receive up-to-date information about this and related events that we organize. We also invite you to check out the UW Math Hour for some fun mathematics in the spring!

Congratulations to our math circle students and instructors on the following accomplishments over the past year.

The UW Math Circle for the 2013-2014 academic year meets every Thursday, 5–7 PM, on the UW campus.

What is UW Math Circle?

The UW Math Circle is intended for Seattle-area middle school and junior-high school students, and it is being offered at no cost. The program is aimed at 7th, 8th, and 9th graders with mathematical minds, with the intent of continuing their development in this direction.

The students meet weekly in the Math Circle to engage in a variety of activities. Here, we develop many areas of mathematics, including (but definitely not limited to) logic, graph theory, combinatorics, and geometry. Follow the links at the top of the page for a more detailed breakdown of what's being covered in each meeting.

To reinforce the lessons learned at each Math Circle, weekly homework assignments are given at the end of the meetings. The students are encouraged to delve even further than the problem statement, in order to really get a feel for the solution. To reinforce this behavior, the first hour of each meeting is spent by the students explaining their solutions and methods to their peers, with the listening students free to critique the solutions and offer help when things get confusing.

The last half of the meeting is spent covering new material. We introduce the concepts to the students with a major emphasis on hands-on activities. For the students, this means that much of their time is spent actively engaging in problem-solving, with ample time to ask probing questions to their colleagues and the instructors.


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The Math Circle at the University of Washington is partially supported by NSF CAREER Grant DMS-095-3011 and NSF RTG Grant DMS-083-8212.