Mathday, 2015

Mathday will be held on Monday, March 23, 2015. The plenary speaker will be Sara Billey, Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington. The title of her talk is "Computer Assisted Proofs: coming soon to a theorem near you!" Computers allow us to compute a million digits of pi, the delivery routes for UPS drivers all over the country each day, and optimal ways to invest in the stock market. Usually the ways computers are used is to calculate numbers or manipulate data. However, there is a growing field at the intersection of mathematics and computer science where computers are being used to help prove theorems. Some famous theorems with computer assisted proofs still have no known traditional proof like the 4 Color Theorem and the proof of Kepler's conjecture. We will discuss examples of theorems with traditional proofs and computer assisted proofs, survey some history of computer assisted proofs, and describe how computer assisted proofs and formal verification systems are helping companies like Amazon and Boeing to improve their products.
slides of Sara's talk.

There will be talks, seminars, labs, and more activities from 10 am until noon and from 1:20 pm until 2:00 pm. A detailed schedule will be posted soon. Registration forms, which will include the schdedule of fees, are now available. For additional information, contact: Sherri Nielsen-Hazard | UW Conference Management & Academic Programs | Educational Outreach | 206-616-1462 |


The following items are on the current schedule; more may be added.

Field Trips and Labs

Other Activities

Here's a link to the UW Professional and Continuing Education: Mathday website. It includes registration information.

Information for Volunteers

Sessions and Activities
Schematic view of volunteer schedule.
Agenda for the meeting of volunteers, 3:30 pm, March 23, in PDL c36
Instructions for volunteers.

Attendance Grant

Wells Fargo and Boeing have generously made a donation to support Mathday attendance by schools with underrepresented populations. Scholarship application form


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