University of Washington Mathematics Department
Outreach and Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students

K-12 Resources at UW Educational Outreach

Math 120 Text Online This text for Math 120 (precalculus) is available for teachers to review online. However it requires a login and password. To get the password information send email to David Collingwood at

UW Mathday - An annual one-day program for high school students during UW Spring Break.

UW Math Circles - This page links to several Math Circles for K12 students or teachers from the UW Math Department.

SIMUW - Summer Institute for Mathematics at the University of Washington - A summer program for high school students: "Getting a glimpse of the depth and beauty of mathematics can be a transforming experience for a student, whatever interests the student may intend to pursue in the future.

Teaching/Learning Newsletter from Virginia Warfield of the UW Math Department.

WaToTom - Washington Teachers of Teachers of Math is a group concerned with how best to prepare future teachers of K-12 mathematics.

WXML - The Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab is a group of mathematical explorers, with faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and community members coming together for a journey of discovery. We showcase mathematics as a creative discipline, via experimental, computational, and especially visual mathematics.


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