Resources for Math Research and Education
This page contains links to web sites that might be of interest to those involved in mathematical research or in graduate or undergraduate mathematics education. For K-12 math education resources, see Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students.
General Collections of Mathematical Information
Lists of math servers, information repositories, and subject indexes
Research Tools
Abstracts, reprints, and journals
Mathematical Computing
Free software; commercial software companies
Mathematical Places
Math departments, funding agencies, and other organizations
Mathematics Education
Research experiences for undergraduates; calculus reform and other resources
Discussion and Commentary
On teaching, learning, and research; usenet newsgroups

General Collections of Mathematical Information
Mathematics Information Servers: An extensive list of math-related web sites maintained by the Penn State Math Department
Mathematics on the Web: A detailed collection of mathematical resources compiled by the AMS
The Math Forum: A "Virtual Center for Math Education on the Internet" at Swarthmore; check out Steve's Dump, a mathematics internet resource collection
WWW Virtual Library Mathematics Catalog: Catalog of mathematics resources from the World-Wide Web Virtual Library, a distributed subject catalog maintained by the W3 Consortium.
Yahoo! Mathematics Subject Index: List of mathematics sites from Yahoo!

Research Tools

Mathematics Abstracts
MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the web (UW users only)
MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the web (users will be prompted for their NetID and password if accessing off-campus)
Zentralblatt für Mathematik: Limited free trial access to complete database, 1931-present.
Probability Abstract Service (provided by UW Math Department)
Other resources from the Math Research Library

Mathematics Preprints
AMS preprint server
MSRI preprint server
List of preprint servers courtesy of the AMS
List of preprint servers courtesy of Penn State University

Mathematics Journals
AMS Journals
Electronic Communications in Probability
Electronic Journal of Probability
Electronic Journals from the Math Research Library
Electronic Library of Mathematics featuring electronic journals, conference proceedings and on-line monographs
Ingenta: (formerly UnCover) access to journal tables of contents.
MAA Journals
SIAM Journals
   List of Mathematics Journals courtesy of the AMS
   List of Mathematics Journals courtesy of Penn State University

Mathematical Computing

Free Software
Mathematical Software written by UW Math Department members.
Netlib: numerical software and other mathematical resources.
GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software
SAGE: Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation
TeX Resources

Commercial Software Companies
MapleSoft (Maple, Expressionist, and Theorist)
MathSoft (MATHCAD, SPlus)
MathWorks (MATLAB)
Wolfram Research (Mathematica)
Key Curriculum Press (Geometer's Sketchpad)

Mathematical Places

Mathematics Departments
US math department web sites courtesy of Penn State
International math department web sites courtesy of Penn State:
    Countries A through F
    Countries G through M
    Countries N through Z except USA

Funding Agencies
National Science Foundation (NSF)
    Grant Proposal Guide (updated fall 2004)
    Proposal Forms Kit (updated fall 1999)
Department of Energy (DOE)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Other Organizations
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)

Mathematics Education
Research Experience for Undergraduates: sponsored by the NSF and conducted by James Morrow
MER Forum: Mathematicians and Education Reform
Calculus Reform Page at Oklahoma State
Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students maintained by Jim King

Discussion and Commentary

On Teaching and Learning Mathematics
The Impact of a SEED Project by Ginger Warfield
Teaching and Learning Newsletters from Ginger Warfield
Preparing Future Faculty: dinner discussions on graduate education, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation

On Mathematics Research
The Decline of Unfettered Research by Andrew Odlyzko, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Information on the University of Rochester Math Department from the AMS.
Usenet Newsgroups
Most browsers, if properly configured, will open up a news reader when you click on one of the links below.
geometry.research: Research in (mostly classical) geometry
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica: Mathematica
sci.math: Unmoderated discussion of general math topics.
sci.math.num-analysis: Numerical analysis
sci.math.research: Research-level mathematics (moderated)
sci.math.symbolic: General discussion of symbolic computation
sci.nonlinear: Nonlinear programming
sci.op-research: Operations research and linear programming

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