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If you have been assigned as a grader for the current quarter, you will be informed via email, and you will find your name on a list posted on the front end of the grader boxes located in C-136 Padelford Hall by the 1st day of classes. The list will show your assignment and your box number.

Contact Alice Boytz, C-36 Padelford, as soon as possible to confirm your grading assignment and sign all necessary payroll forms with Michael Munz in C-138 Padelford. If you have Work/Study, you must bring your Job Referral Form. Contact the instructor by the first day of classes. Office locations and telephone numbers are posted outside the Math Department (C-138 Padelford) and are avabilable on the math website; office hours will be posted online when they are known. For some courses, the instructor may want you to contact their TAs instead. Notes for instructors may be left in their boxes (in C-120 Padelford). Check out current copies of the textbooks in C-36 Padelford, and return all text and course materials no later than the last day of instruction.

Each instructor will inform you of your responsibilities for their class. It is up to you to follow through with your assignments. Stay in close communication with your instructor or TA; ask them several times in the first few weeks if they have any problems with how you are grading. You have been assigned a set number of hours for seven weeks only and will not be paid for any additional hours; keep a record of your first workday. Let Alice Boytz (543-6830) know if there are any problems with the hours assigned.

The grading assignments will be placed in your box by the instructor. Note that box numbers are listed below the mailbox. When you have finished grading the coursework, return the papers by placing them back in the box. Ask the instructor for the electronic classlist if you will be required to record grades, and return this grade record sheet to the instructor by the last day of the grading period (before finals). Some instructors want you only to grade and return the homework because they want to record the grades and check your work.

If you are unable to grade papers for any reason, please notify the instructor or TA at once. If you cannot locate the instructor, contact Alice Boytz in C-36 Padelford (543-6830). Failure to return assignments on time and as specified, or adhere to the responsibilities that have been outlined will result in termination. It is your responsibility to follow through with your assignments and meet deadlines.

Please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions regarding your grading assignment.


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