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Math 111-112, 120, 124-5-6, 134-5-6 students are encouraged to use the Math Study Center. Tutoring styles, charge-per-hour, preparation, degrees, and teaching ability will vary. We welcome positive or negative feedback to assist us in referrals (206-543-6830); let us know if you need a tutor familiar with UW Math courses, or of disconnected phone numbers. Tutors prefer working with students regularly, not just before a test.

If you have questions, or would like to be added to the tutor list, please contact the Math Student Services Office at advising@math.washington.edu

For more options, the Seattle Public Library and the King County Library offer free online tutoring for students in fourth through 12th grade. Please check their websites for more information about this service, Seattle Public Library, then select "Homework Help", and King County Library System.

You can either browse our complete list of all tutors or a list limited to an area of expertise.

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