The Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington is one of the major research mathematics departments in the United States. It has an excellent research reputation, a strong, demanding program of graduate study in mathematics, and a full range of excellent undergraduate course offerings. The department has approximately 60 faculty with research interests in virtually every area of mathematics. The department has about 100 full-time students in the graduate program and over 800 undergraduate majors, including 600 in the Mathematics undergraduate program and 200 in the joint ACMS program.

Recent Department News

Matt Junge teaching in women's prison
January 2015: Matt Junge, a graduate student who received the department's Excellence in Teaching award in 2011, is featured in the current newsletter of the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound for a year-long college prep course he is offering at the Washington Correction Center for Women. With the resumption of his class earlier this month, one student declared, "The break was way too long. Can we start the semester earlier next time?" Matt, who studied math and philosophy as an undergraduate at UW, is serving the department this year as Lead TA while continuing his research in probability.
2014-15 Milliman Lectures
January 2015: This year's Milliman Lectures will be given in February by Rick Schoen, Distinguished Professor and the Excellence in Teaching Endowed Chair at UC, Irvine. He will lecture on problems and progress in mathematical relativity, two eigenvalue problems for surfaces, and localizing solutions of the Einstein equations. More details can be found on the department's Milliman webpage.
Department Newsletter
December 2014: This year's newsletter has just appeared. It features an introduction to the research of Professor Isabella Novik, an interview with Professor Emeritus Terry Rockafellar, an article on Dean's Medalist Reid Dale, and memorial pieces on former colleagues Lutz Bungart and Scott Osborne.

Archived News


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