Here is a list of my papers:


Loewner curvature (with J. Lind), preprint


The Loewner equation and Lipschitz graphs (with H. Tran, M. Zinsmeister), preprint


Backward SLE and the symmetry of the welding (with D. Zhan), submitted


Chordal Komatu-Loewner equation and Brownian motion with darning in multiply connected domains (with Z. Chen, M. Fukushima) , submitted


A note on quasiconformal maps with Hoelder continuous dilatation (with J. Gill), submitted


On the continuity of SLE(kappa) in kappa (with F. Johansson-Viklund, C. Wong), Prob. Th. Rel. Fields, to appear


Quasisymmetry and rectifiability of quasispheres (with M. Badger, J. Gill, T. Toro), Trans. AMS, to appear


Half-plane capacity and conformal radius (with C. Wong), Proc. AMS, to appear


On the Riemann surface type of random planar maps (with J. Gill), Revista Mat. Iberoamericana, 29 (2013), 1071--1090


Spacefilling curves and phases of the Loewner equation (with J. Lind), Indiana Univ. Math. J., to appear


Oded Schramm: From Circle Packing to SLE , Ann. Prob., 39 (2011), 1621-1667, and in Selected works of Oded Schramm, Volume 1, Springer, New York, 2011, 3-45


Collisions and Spirals of Loewner Traces (with J. Lind, D. Marshall), Duke Math. J. 154 (2010), 527-573


Continuity of the SLE trace in simply connected domains (with C. Garban, O. Schramm), Israel J. Math. 187 (2012), 23--36

Quasisymmetric conjugacy between quadratic dynamics and iterated function systems (with I. Eroglu, B. Solomyak), Ergodic Th. Dyn. Syst. 30 (2010), 16651684

Optimal regularity for planar mappings of finite distortion (with K. Astala, J. Gill, E. Saksman), Ann. Inst. H. Poincar Anal. Non Linaire 27 (2010), 119

Schramm-Loewner equations driven by symmetric stable processes (with Z. Chen), Comm. Math. Phys. 285 (2009), 799--824

Convergence of a variant of the Zipper algorithm for conformal mapping
(with D. Marshall), SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 45 (2007), 2577--2609


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